Goals and Culture


At GDS people have different beliefs, experiences and cultures. We respect and value diversity due to the enrichment and creativity it brings.

We share a common leadership goal which enables us to channel energy to create differentiated value for each of our clients. Our shared leadership goal is based on three pillars: high performance, innovation and client orientation.


Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture stems from our vision, an ideal that has encouraged and led the founders of GDS from 2000 until today.

We aim to be regional leaders with global projection in providing support solutions for operational and tactical decision making focused on distribution channels; and are widely recognized by our clients who define us as reliable, innovative and highly professional.

We have defined GDS basic principles based on our vision, to guide our actions, and make up the foundation of our relationship with clients, partners, shareholders and the communities we operate in:

Integrity: Our word is our commitment. Integrity in all our operations and business conducts.

Excellence: A continuous search for excellence in all our projects.

Growth: We are dedicated to the growth of our operations and developing new opportunities to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Teamwork: Encourage knowledge and individual skills through effective communication to achieve shared success.

Long-term vision: To have the patience and vision to establish solid long-lasting businesses.

Competitiveness: Leadership search in a competition free and equal opportunity environment.