Porqué GDS

GDS has been established as a leading company since its creation, renowned in the region for its innovation and high-quality human resources.

GDS was designed as a compact structure, focused on client business optimization, supported by a teamwork culture and great technological leverage.

We are experts in field data collection processes. Our teams are specialized and trained according to procedures and standards that are monitored and adjusted for each requirement.

The quality of the information we provide is guaranteed and controlled throughout the production cycle by specifically designed processes, which range from staff selection and induction, to design methodologies and processes and data audits.

Our value proposal is based on the use of the most advanced technological tools for each stage of the process:


Data Capture Software for mobile devices (Personal Digital Assistant) Windows Mobile PDA.


Online communications and real-time data transmission.


Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW) tools -desktop or web mode- to create analysis reports, dashboards and alarms.


We develop Mobile Solutions based on Android, IOS, BlackBerry, providing software, equipment and connectivity.


The scope of our service focuses on consumer goods, covering all channels and reaching thousands of POS on a monthly basis.